"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." — Marilyn Monroe

December 1, 2011

Guess Who’s Back, Back again… Lisa’s Back. Tell a Friend. Or Don’t. Whatever.

Yes, it’s been forever. From previous posts you can see October was hella packed for me. Mix that with personal crap and My little bloggie blog had to take a back seat.

When it rains it pours. I had this conversation with a friend yesterday who has been going thru a rough time. You always have to try and see the silver lining in all your bullshit. It all happens for a reason and what not.

It’s all easier said then done. I had a great person that knows my whole story remind me yesterday to look at my glass as half full. And it is; Half full of Red wine and that’s the way I like it.

There’s a rhyme and reason for all the madness. Live it, Love it and Accept it.

God never gives you something that you cannot handle.

Peace, Love, Prozac and Wine,

October 7, 2011

Nostalgic Notes Part Deux

So I found the complete list… here ya go

So many songs, so many memories. Hope they take you back like they did me =) Even if it wasn’t that long ago.

80. Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz ft Ying Yang Twins / Get Low
Who can’t love a song where they sing about sweat dripping down their balls… right?!

79. Enrique Iglesias / Hero
78. Plain White T’s / Hey There Delilah
77. Nickelback / How You Remind Me
76. T.I. ft Rihanna / Live Your Life
75. Gavin DeGraw / I Don’t Want to Be

74. Chamillionaire ft Krayzie Bone / Ridin’
Who didn’t lean back in their cars and just cruise to this?? Maybe that’s just my Bay City showing. I’m so gangster.

73. Nelly Furtado ft Timbaland / Promiscuous
72. Jet / Are You Gonna Be My Girl
71. Colbie Caillat / Bubbly
70. Chris Brown ft Juelz Santana / Run It!
69. Evanescence / Bring Me to Life
68. Ludacris ft Shawnna / Stand Up
67. Leona Lewis / Bleeding Love
66. Snoop Dogg ft Pharrell / Drop It Like It’s Hot
65. Aaliyah / Try Again

64. Jennifer Lopez ft Ja Rule / I’m Real (Murder Remix)
Loved this song. Esp when they sang it at the MTV awards. This is when I could stang J-Lo. Or Jennifer Lopez, whoever she was at the time.

63. Andrew W.K. / Party Hard
62. Avril Lavigne / Complicated

61. Kelis / Milkshake
Saw Kelis do this live at TRL in Houston. She had us all shaking our milkshakes, wherever they may be.

60. Ke$ha / Tik Tok
Really??? This son was in the 00’s?? How did I JUST hear is last year?? Maybe it was a late 09er. Made us all wonder what P.Diddy felt like in the am.

59. Justin Timberlake / Cry Me a River
Justin. Perfect. This makes me miss your singing. Remember when Justin used to sing, not just do skits on SNL and try to be a serious actor. The video was a big slap in Britneys face. Made us all go…OH SNAP!

58. Jason Mraz / I’m Yours
57. Mary J. Blige / Family Affair
56. DMX / Party Up (Up In Here)
55. The Killers / Mr. Brightside
54. Norah Jones / Don’t Know Why

53. Blink-182 / All the Small Things
Blink! Love Them! The Song was great, the video was better.

52. Shakira ft Wyclef / Hips Don’t Lie
Holy Smokes. I would punch a baby to move my hips like her. Any girl that thinks she can, quit lying to yourself. Damn.

51. Natasha Bedingfield / Pocketful of Sunshine
Easy A, thanks for bringing this song back to life.

50. Taylor Swift / You Belong With Me
49. Lady Gaga / Bad Romance
48. Kings Of Leon / Sex On Fire

47. Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink / Lady Marmalade
Oh My!!! Loved this version and I loved the gossip that none of them could get along even better. I so wanted to see Pink kick Christina’s ass.

46. Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow / Picture
Karaoke GOLD.

45. Eve ft Gwen Stefani / Let Me Blow Ya Mind
44. Red Hot Chili Peppers / Californication

43. Katy Perry / I Kissed A Girl
Again, a song that makes you go, “Why the eff didn’t I think of that?!” Gold.

42. Train / Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me)

41. R. Kelly / Trapped In The Closet
Weren’t there like 10 different versions to this?? Kept going on and on with the videos??

40. Fall Out Boy / Sugar, We’re Goin Down
39. Adele / Chasing Pavements

38. Miley Cyrus / Party In The U.S.A.
Halloween 2009. The party was full of mostly people over 30, this was the only song played more then once… with everyone stopping what they were doing to sing along. She’s so Miley.

37. Britney Spears / Oops! …I Did It Again
Hehe… Love Britney, love crazy Britney a little more. The old lady in the ocean line is this is even too Cheesey for me.

36. *NSYNC / Bye Bye Bye
EVERYONE owned this Album… EVERYONE knew part of the Bye Bye Bye dance. This was the peak of the boy bands. This was Fro Justin. I remember watching the making of this Video at a neighbors on MTV. Sigh.

35. John Mayer / Daughters
IRONY??? Fathers, Mothers…. be good to your daughters… because I’m gonna get in there and Eff them up in the head really good. Guess those lyrics didn’t flow too well.

34. Janet Jackson / All For You

33. Johnny Cash / Hurt
AMAZEBALLS!! I know it’s a remake, BUT this song was meant for him to sing. He killed it.

32. Maroon 5 / This Love
31. Amy Winehouse / Rehab

30. Gwen Stefani / Hollaback Girl
Songs where you spell seem to do well, that shit is Bananas.. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!! PS. I can’t say bananas without singing the spelling out now. Thanks, Gwen.

29. Foo Fighters / Best Of You
28. Madonna / Music

27. Usher ft Lil Jon and Ludacris / Yeah!
Over played. College. Hate you.

26. The White Stripes / Seven Nation Army

25. Nelly / Hot in Herre
Thanks to this song, any time someone says “It’s hot in here.” It is immediately followed with “Take off all your clothes.” Thanks.

24. Missy Elliott / Get Ur Freak On
Missy. High School. Love.

23. Pink / Get the Party Started
My Mother used to Jam this all the time. She liked to get the Party Started In her Station Wagon.

22. Alicia Keys / Fallin’

21. Jay-Z / 99 Problems
But a Bitch ain’t one.

20. Britney Spears / Toxic
Moment of Fame. I Danced in the box at the bottom of the Video screen on TRL to toxic. I was so cool.

19. Destiny’s Child / Bootylicious
18. Christina Aguilera / Beautiful
17. Coldplay / Clocks

16. Beyoncé / Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
I think this should be Number one. It coined a new phrase, a new dance and Put Justin Timberlake in a leotard and Heels.

15. U2 / Beautiful Day
14. Gnarls Barkley / Crazy
13. Green Day / American Idiot
12. Black Eyed Peas / I Gotta Feeling
11. Rihanna ft Jay-Z / Umbrella
10. 50 Cent / In Da Club
9. Mariah Carey / We Belong Together
8. Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys / Empire State Of Mind

7. Justin Timberlake ft Timbaland / SexyBack
No one knew Sexy ever left until JT Brought it back.

6. Kanye West ft Jamie Foxx / Gold Digger
My Ringtone for a Year in College. Kanye is arrogant, but this song was kick ass. Jamie did amazing.

5. Kelly Clarkson / Since U Been Gone
Really??? Okay. The song was alright, But REALLY? The Top 5?? No.

4. Eminem / Lose Yourself
Oh, 8 Mile. Oh, Britney Murphy. So Sad.

3. Lady Gaga / Poker Face

2. OutKast / Hey Ya!
YES!! I still shake it like a Polaroid Picture. Fast Fact. Polaroid made a statement to NOT shake their pictures after this song was released.

1. Beyoncé ft Jay-Z / Crazy In Love
Def NOT my number one, but it was kick ass. Beyonce stepping away from Destiny’s Child and you KNOW you were trying to do the Beyonce Booty Dance to this. I still do.

October 6, 2011

Nostalgic Notes

Has anyone caught the VH1 special this week, Greatest songs of the 00’s?? Vh1 always pulls me in with these specials. They’re kinda like crack for me, this one especially.

Something that I love about music is that it can take you back to a specific memory. I can associate most of my memories around music. Music makes an imprint on our lives.

The songs of the 00’s cover a great part of my life, from High School to College, to the start of my career. A growth. Each song that I have heard on the list takes me back to a happy memory.

The special started on Monday night. I’ve been DVRing them, because I’ve been a busy girl. I’ve been trying to watch them during my old lady after noon naps I’ve accidently taken this week.

Monday Night Started the Countdown (100-81)

**Side Note. Pete Wentz is hosting the special. Couldn’t they of gotten someone that was more important in the 00’s? I mainly remember him for showing his Penis and Marrying the Simpson that wasn’t Jessica.

In a Particular Order voted on by VH1 fans, here ya go…

100. Sisqó / Thong Song
I saw Sisqo in Concert. He opened for Pink and NSYNC... Who the hell else can get away about singing about panties And saying a Girl has Dumps like a Truck. Hell, I said panties on stage once and the crowd got quiet. You could hear whispers “Did she just stay panties??”

99. Carrie Underwood / Before He Cheats
I love this. It reminds me of a “friend” that keyed her fiancés car after he cheated…. and knocked up the chick. tsk tsk. Some people put Karma in their own hands. Miranda should of sang this one.

98. 3 Doors Down / Kryptonite
Two Words. High School. My girlfriend Kendalls Mustang, Cruising the L in Bay City with Our Route 44 Cherry Vanilla Dr. Peppers.

97. Shaggy / It Wasn’t Me
Mr. Lover Lover. Thanks to KRBE and the Jingle Jam, I got to hear my mother screaming from her seat how much she loved Shaggy. I was sure My dad was gonna lose her that night to his grinding on stage. My mom is way cooler then yours.

96. Pussycat Dolls ft Busta Rhymes / Don’t Cha
Corpus Christi. Dancing. Summer 05. I can tell you what I was wearing. And I was singing it loud and proud.

95. James Blunt / You’re Beautiful
Same summer. I was shocked when my DJ BF played the REAL version. OMG, He Cussed! Wow. Thanks mom and dad for the sheltering. I didn’t know Eminem cussed till College.

94. Daughtry / It’s Not Over
I may or May Not went to The American Idol Concert and Saw Daughtry.

93. OK Go / Here It Goes Again
The Video. You wouldn’t know the song if it weren’t for the video. Excellent.

92. Flo Rida ft T-Pain / Low
I didn’t realize this song was this old. I love watching everyone drop it when they sing “low low low…” and then the oldies try and get back up. You know what I’m talking about.

91. Creed / With Arms Wide Open
I feel like Creed is like Nickelback. You like them, but don’t wanna admit it.

90. Mystikal / Shake Ya Ass
You mean the real version wasn’t “Shake it Fast”?? Son of a gun.

89. M.I.A. / Paper Planes
I wouldn’t know this song if it wasn’t for Pineapple Express. James Franco is awesome, except when he’s hosting Oscars.

88. Fountains of Wayne / Stacy’s Mom
American Pie, thank you for M.I.L.F. Gotta love a funny song. Again, this song has a great video.

87. The Darkness / I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Awesome Awesome. Except I hardly know any of the real words.

86. Aerosmith / Jaded
These guys have at least one amazing song a decade. Love Aerosmith. Love Stephen Tyler. Mila Kunis in Video. Word.

85. Macy Gray / I Try
She is a strange cookie, but this song is still the bees knees.

84. Linkin Park / In the End
Amazing. It was just different for it’s time. Loved it.

83. D’Angelo / Untitled (How Does It Feel)
I wouldn’t know him or this song if it wasn’t for his video. Good Lord. I still don’t know the song. Watch the video on mute. Do it.

82. Matchbox Twenty / Unwell
All I remember is “I’m just a little unwell…….” that’s it. hmm.

81. Bruce Springsteen / The Rising
The Boss, Right? Sorry. I don’t know this one. 1 out of 20 ain’t that bad.

I’ll get to the rest later. Maybe. It’s funny when I was taking 18 hrs in college and working like crazy I had tons of time to blog… I don’t think I slept back then though. I’m old now. I need sleep. I get bitchy.


September 28, 2011

October Eargasms

There is no secret that October is a time for music in my neck of the woods. The Summer is over (Technically) and that means that it is time for Festival season.

Of course, We’re doing it right and kicking it off with Music everywhere this Saturday on the 1st. Kyle Hutton is hosting the 2nd Annual Real Life Real Music Festival at Bernhardt Winery this weekend. Performing will be none other then someone that I am happy to see gain a great following the last couple years, Sean McConnell. I love to see him play live. I suggest you see a show or two yourself. “Dirty Diana” def brings in the Man Fans. Also performing is the Great Walt Wilkins, Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines, Kyle Hutton and more. Get yo tickets at www.realliferealmusic.com Live music and a winery. Add a smoothie king and Ryan Reynolds and it’s pretty much my vision of heaven.

Also, this Saturday Casey Donahew Band will be at Waller County Fair and Rodeo. Opening up, Earl Thomas Connley. Weird pairing, but okay. Casey Rocks my socks, exclamation point.

The place That I will be shaking my little groove thing is at the Texas Music Throwdown at Town Green Park in The Woodlands. It’s only $5 and all proceeds benefit the Heroes on the Water. The $5 goes towards those that have fought for us AND you get to see Brandon Rhyder, Scooter Brown, Mark Jones and Doug Reid.

(Scott Brown will be on air with Jim Powers on Thursday and Brandon will be on with Jim on Friday. Tune in. Kstarcountry.com)

After all that wonderful music, sober up because the Next weekend, on October 7th, John Conlee will be heading to Big Texas. He does great in Texas. Check it out. I love Big Texas too. It’s always a good time. Think I may pay DJ Gary a visit this weekend.

(John will be on the Funny Farm on Tuesday, October 4th)

The Month of Music is just getting started by now. The eargams aren’t over. The big weekend in Conroe is October 14th-16th. It’s time again for the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival. The first time I went to the Festival was back in ’06. I’ll save that story for another day. The green, new radio me was so cute and naïve.

Catfish Festival will be full of lots of Texas Favorites. Cody Canada and the Departed, Band of Heathens, Jason Cassidy, Scooter Brown, Cody Johnson Band, Folk Family Revival and so many more. I’ll be emceeing as always on Friday and Sunday. Going to watch some friends get hitched in Waco on Saturday, so pour some out for your homie and don’t miss me too much.

But wait, there’s more! October 21st, I’m heading back to Big Texas. Casey Donahew Band will be rocking. Not only that, they’re stopping by the studio that am. Wait there’s more, Dave will be off! Bam. Christmas in October. Kidding. They have a new album coming out on the 25th so check it out. Check out the show too. I got drunky face at the last one, I heard it was fun. Did I mention Big Tx has great drinks. I digress.

(**EDIT** (Thanks Torr) Buzzfest. October 22nd. For the Rock Poser in Me... I paint my nails black and dye my hair pink.)

Also this weekend is the big benefit for Rett Syndrome that we always help out with. I’ll be spending Sunday with some great local favorites as well as the Black family (Clint, Colton, Brian and Kevin).

The Month of Eargasms will surely go out with a Bang. A Ear drum popping, panty changing, sugar kind of Bang. There were two shows that I couldn’t wait to announce and they both happened to land on the same weekend. Flip a coin, but I’ve already decided where I will be shaking my ass on this particular weekend.

First off, on Oct 28th, Billy Currington will be playing in Conroe at the Lone Star Expo center for the Toyota Bass Classic! I have a feeling that that Sex Pot is going to put on a great show. Can’t wait for it, I might make my way to what Rita Ballou calls “Panty Row” for that one. Prob not, I’m too fun size for that crap.

Also playing that weekend are Pat Green on Saturday and Robert Earl Keen on Sunday.

(Giving away a crap ton of tickets to all these shows… plus Meet and Greets. Yep. Win a meet and greet and be all gurmy with Billy Currington. I will support that.)

While some will be reminiscing of a time before Pat Green sang “Country Star” and having fun in Conroe, I’ll be headed to Houston. To the Sam Houston Race Park to be specific. It’s time for Ziegfest!! Like the Catfish Festival, my first taste of Ziegfest was in 06. Again, that story is for another date. So cute. So young. So naïve.

This year headlining is none other then my future ex-husband, Dierks Bentley. He makes me giggle like a Jr. High girl. He’s a uber sweet guy and has a great group of peeps behind him too. A+ in my book. Also performing are my Boys, Eli Young Band! As well as Cody Johnson Band, Roger Creager, Wade Bowen, Jerrod Nieman, and 12 more. It’s going to be a hell of a day.Ziegfest is a party I haven't missed since 06. Last year I was Physically there, just missed everything till the ex told me it was time to go to the board. Yay Beer. Again, for another day.

Ending out the Month of great times and Music will be Zac Brown Band at The Woodlands Pavilion. I adore Zac Brown Band… except for chicken fried. Anyone close to me knows that song makes me want to punch a baby. I hate it. It has to do with my old secretary blaring it any time it was on our station, playing it her desk every day multiple times, it was the song on her facebook, it was her ringtone… Loved the girl.. the song just got to be much. Like a dentist drill. So I can make a potty break during that. Yuck.

So there ya go. A month of music and eargasms. Hope to see ya out at some. PS. If I haven’t talked to you in years, do not ask me for passes.

Peace, Love, Prozac and Wine (and Music),

Cliff Notes Version of My BS.
October 1
Texas Music Throwdown
Real Life Real Music Festival
Waller County Fair

October 7
John Conlee- Big Texas

October 14-16
Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival

October 21
Casey Donahew Band- Big Texas

October 23
Rett Syndrome Benefit w Black Family

October 28
Billy Currington

October 29
Ziegfest Houston
Pat Green- Conroe

October 30
Zac Brown Band -Woodlands
Robert Earl Keen- Conroe

September 21, 2011

The Tabloid Version is Always Better

“What's the matter with your life? Why you gotta mess with mine? Don't keep sweatin' what I do 'Cuz I'm gonna be just fine, check it out…”

The versions that I hear about my life are so much more interesting then I could ever make it to be. It’s like the book version of a very bad movie. I wish I could be the book.

What does it matter what someone else is doing if it doesn’t directly affect you? Why must someone talk about it or carry a situation to proportions that aren’t true?

When it comes to judgment, we aren’t to judge one another. One of my favorite Bible Verses has always been Matthew 7:3. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? (NIV)”

I’ve learned that true friends are rare to come by and respect and love the ones that I do have. They don’t question who I am and they don’t lie about my personal life. Ask me, I’ll usually tell you. Some things no matter the answer being ‘yes’ or ‘no’ shouldn’t have to be answered, or out of respect even asked. On that note, I have no shame or regrets; my momma knows every little dirty detail about me.

Fool me once, Shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

The best advice of the moment I can give, learn who you are and love who you are. If you’re lying to yourself and everyone else, why don’t you make the changes to become the person you pretend to be. Make the effort. It’s never too late. All in all, be happy. Be a better you.

The Better me Forgives, but the Smarter me doesn’t Forget.

Peace, Love, Prozac and Wine,

September 12, 2011

Music says the words I can't speak... or something Cheesy

Today’s wine is from 3 Dreams Wine. 2006 California Cabernet Sauvignon That Steve Helms brought me when he stopped by the station last month. “Chasing Amy” is a great song, check it out on his album ‘Red Wine and Copenhagen.’ He Had me from Red Wine.
It was a fun, eventful weekend full of great friends, Awesome Music and stories galore. Friday night was our music series at County Line BBQ. Zack Walther kicked off things. I’ve been dying to see their set for a while and was very impressed. Would of hung out a little longer during Charlie Robisons’ set, but when the beer starts to pour and friends get to talking, I get a little ADD. “Where’s Lisa?” is usually said more than once on these kinds of nights….  I always meet the nicest people.

Saturday brought a hell of a lineup at Ziegfest in College Station. I was uber sad that I missed my girl Bri’s set =( Was even sadder that they all had to leave. Wanted to have a pillow fight, take body shots and all the other stuff us hott chicks do. Psh, you wish.

JB and the Moonshine band kicked ass. Gabe is on my list of hubbies. Our kids are gonna have the most beautiful eyes. True Story. I’m kind of his ‘Perfect Girl’ ah… see what I did there. Google it.

Then came Randy Rogers Band. RRB for the hip and Cool, I’m not so I’ll stick to Randy. It’s no secret that Randy Rogers Band is one of my faves. It was great to see their show, I honestly don’t know the last time I saw them live. Awesome.As.Always. I wish I could be like the Sea witch in Little Mermaid and steal his damn voice, then again, I’d probably pretty damn funny with that voice. Nevermind. I take that back. Maybe steal it and play when I want. Oh, wait. There’s a CD for that. Get ya one.

Whiskey Myers. They rock. If you haven’t seen them, do it. Not just because I said so, but because I said so.

Kyle Park up next, who for some reason I just want to call K-Peezie. Maybe it’s my Bay City showing. Maybe I just feel like he needs a nick name. Maybe I’m just stupid. He is a ball of adorable. Love his music, Love that I don’t have to jack with his mike when I bring him on anywhere. I admit, I had to run away for an important phone call, but I was still grooving away in the background. When I hear music, my butt shakes. I reiterate, Love.Kyle.Park.

****PS. He’s playing at Big Texas in Spring this Friday. Working out the exact time for him to call on Friday. Tune in. You’ll love it. Make ya all happy in the pants and stuff. I’ll be out of town for a bachelorette party, so no K-Peezie for me this weekend. Tear. DJ Gary will do an amazing job bringing him on ;)

Let’s see, Wade Bowen also came out to Jam at good Ole Ziegfest. Who doesn’t love ‘Mood Ring’ and of Course ‘Red Headed Stranger’ You are missing out if you don’t know these songs. Mad love to the dummy that Swam in the water at Wolf Pen Creek during Wade's Set. When your kids have 3 eyes and a tail, look back on this night.

Last, but not least, Josh Abbott Band. The 6 years that I have been rocking the microphone, I have Never seen Josh Abbott Band. Trust me, I’ve tried several times. Every time I had a plan to, something horrible came up. I was waiting to see what was going to happen this time, luckily nothing. Who is Josh’s Fiddle player? That kid is awesome. I was very very impressed by him, as well as the rest of the show that I saw. I will def see them again.

Overall, amazing Ziegfest. This was different, but not in a bad way. I’m used to the days of Peveto running things out at Lake Bryan and friends, family and bands partying at “The Hook/Lakeside Icehouse” after the show. Ziegfest ’07 coined the phrase “I don’t care, I have money, I’ll hit a bitch” But I digress, that’s for another day, another time. Ziegfest College Station may of changed locations, but it was an awesome lineup and a damn good time.

Ziegfest Houston is around the corner, October 29th at Sam Houston Racepark. It will be the Party of the week, with some of my favorite people. Of course, My future ex-husband, Dierks Bentley is headlining.… Some of the best boys I know in this industry, Eli Young Band will be there. As well as Wade Bowen, Roger Creager, Jerrod Nieman, And Cody Johnson Band (Another one of my faves that you HAVE to see).

***Ha!! Just got a text from Cody as soon as I said that! He’s playing at the Montgomery Wine and Food Festival this weekend… FREE show. Wine, Food and Damn good music, you know that I approve!! My Beautiful girl Bri Bagwell is playing too. If you love Miranda, go see Bri. Do yourself a favor and check it out. They’re going to have boots there to take donations for the Montgomery/ Waller County Fires. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

That’s your music news for the day. I have nothing bad to say about any of these bands, especially Steve Helms who brought the wine. ;)

Off to watch some trash tv, to make me feel normal.

Peace, Love, Prozac and Wine.

PS. This wine is the bom dot com. Get it at 3dreamswine.com

September 9, 2011

Funny Calls

We get Humorous Calls all the time… This one really made me Face Palm. You know, since news about the wildfires in Magnolia has been going on since Monday…

-what's going on near 1774?
-a fire...?
-like a house fire?
-umm... like brush..um wildfire
-oh, that would explain why it's so smokey.